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Protecting Your Personal Information is Our Responsibility

Your information with us is the most confidential data of you, and its privacy and protection are our sole responsibility. We are very strict in protecting the client’s information and have different strong controls in this regard. Our privacy policy relates to following matters:

Personal information:

The information you fill in the order form while placing an order which includes your name, contact number, email id, etcetera is saved by our system which is kept in confidential files which can only be accessible by authentic personnel. We assure you that this confidential information is only used for research purpose of our service and we do sell or share this information with any third party.


Our system also collects your information when you visit our site for any purpose by using cookies. If you do not want to use your information using cookies you can disable this option using the setting tab in the browser.

Financial reporting:

One of the most repeated queries at our site is that whether our financial information is protected and can we give a guarantee that they will not share with anyone. We will assure you that we are very strict in protecting the sensitive information of our customers and we are trustworthy in town.

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