Top 10 Universities in the world

Top 10 Universities in the world

Educational institution plays a vital role in the professional career of the students. Colleges and universities around the world have different cultures, level of competence and grooming process which embosses in the personality of their students.

Therefore, it is important that students should decide their academic institution carefully keeping in sight the competence level and academic benefits that the institution has to offer.

In this article we are providing you with top 10 universities in the world ranked according to their course competence, cultures, and capabilities of their students.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

write my thesis for meMIT is ranked 1st in the Forbes universities ranking all around the world. MIT is private research institution founded in 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The mission of MIT includes disbursement of education in the fields of science and technology to ensure technological competence in the 21st century. The institution has 12,110 employees working in which there are 1,036 professors extending their services in the university.

Harvard University:

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Harvard University is one of the longest-serving educational institutions in the world that was established in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The university is ranked 2nd in 2017 by Forbes magazine. The institution is one of the most diversified educational platforms in the world that is offering nearly 15 different courses and field from business to law to medicine to arts.

Stanford University:

thesis writing servicesStanford University is another research institution situated in Stanford, California established in 1885. The university has the mission to provide a platform for discovering, innovating, learning, and expressing ideas. Stanford is famous for its 270 Olympic medals, the highest by any university in the world.



Oxford University:

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Nearly every man in this universe should have listened to a name of this highly prestigious institution. The date of its establishment is not confirmed by any source; however, it was said that the foundation of Oxford was laid down in 1096. Oxford University is ranked 4th in the Forbes university ranking all around the world.





Cambridge University:

get the best thesis writing serviceThe second oldest educational brilliance of the world in ranked 5th in the Forbes university rankings. The institution was established in 1209 and subsequently in 1231 King Henry III granted a royal charter to the university.






National University of Singapore:

write my thesis paperOne of the oldest and highly ranked Asian University is ranked 6th in the ranking. The institution established in 1905 as a medical university but gradually the institution find diversity by including different are of education in the university.




write my thesisCalifornia Institute of Technology is ranked 7th in the ranking which was established in 1891 and situated in Pasadena, California, United States. The university offers 50+ sciences and technology majors and provides globally recognized doctorate degree.




Imperial College London:

Get the best thesis writingThe university which was established in 1888 by Price Albert was ranked 8th in Forbes top 10 universities in the world. The institution in private research organization which has 200+ senior researcher and nearly 9000 employees are working including 4500 faculty members.


 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology:

Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologyThe Institution which is also known as ETH Zurich is ranked 9th in the Forbes ranking. The institute is a research organization established in 1854 by Swiss Federal Government.



UC Berkeley:  

UC Berkeley University of California, Berkeley which was established in 1868 was ranked 10th in the Forbes ranking. The institute is among the ten flagship universities of California which is known for its high contribution in the different research field.




Therefore, students should aim to enrol with one of these institutions to excel in their career. Moreover, if you find a thesis writing help in your university, you can anytime hire write my thesis for me service that is professional top quality thesis writing service.

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