Cornell’s Roosevelt Island Campus Opens

High Tech and High Design, Cornell’s Roosevelt Island Campus Opens

New York City is having another high tech and high design Cornell Tech Campus which has been inaugurated on 20th September 2017. It is situated at the long strip of two miles in Roosevelt Island which is between Queens and Manhattan in the East River. The road strip has a smallpox hospital, a workhouse, Lunatic Asylum, and a prison already; therefore, a high tech university is a new addition to that strip.

Technology education

The university is particularly dedicated to the technology education in the city. The technology dedicated graduate school has various courses based on different technologies and technological education. The university is a result of a competition held by Bloomberg administration in 2010. In this competition, Bloomberg invited top-notch universities from all around the globe to participate in the competition and get a chance to open an applied science graduate school in New York.

Technion Israel Institute

Therefore, after the competition, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and its partner Cornell University have announced winners of the competition. They were awarded $100 million and a land that is city-owned land situated on Roosevelt Island. The founder of Bloomberg, Michael R. which is also a former mayor of the city has a vision of introducing a high tech university to the city. He believes that high tech companies and small technology-based companies are the future for which America needs to create and develop founders of such businesses at the grass root level. Therefore, such universities would be highly beneficial to take care of the economy of United States in future.

Cornell Tech

Has a plan to offer multiple Masters and Ph.D. program in different technological fields like computer engineering, electrical, and information sciences. The university’s first academic year will enroll 300 students and will take the assistance of 30 faculty members. The university’s design was inspired by that of Pixar as it looked like a modern office tower. The rooms are fully dotted with the soundproof technological facility with an open seating facility for Ph.D. candidates. The campus seating facility provides complete privacy, small shelf for keeping books and laptop with reasonable space for sitting (Harris, 2017).

Bloomberg Centre

Another building which was a part of campus and is now completed is Bloomberg Centre which generates electricity equivalent to that they use. This concept is called ‘net zero’ which is most stressed environmental stewardship element in the corporate world. This building will be used for graduate student’s classes and also serves as the housing facility for the faculty.

Moreover, there is another building which is also a part of campus named ‘the Bridge’ in which classrooms and workplaces will share the building. Building owners have a plan build enough classrooms in the building and remaining space will be rented out to the companies. This concept will serve the institutional goal of engaging academia and industry together at one place. The university is hoped to be a high success and students will become the future founders of large, small tech companies. However, thesis writing help could also assist these students in their thesis writing tasks. Write my thesis services have now become very helpful for university students and helping them in their various academic writing tasks. Students of most universities of New York are helping themselves by taking thesis help from different thesis writing services.

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