Civilization Humans And Era Of Technology

Since the beginning of civilization humans are trying to invent new and new things every day. It all began with the invention of fire, which was either invented mistakenly or by coincidence or maybe nature helped humans build a fire as many scholars still debate on this but they all agree that fire is as old as humans itself. Technology has advanced so much in the last 200 years that it couldn’t advance since the beginning of civilization.

Importance of scientist and researchers

As most scientist and researchers agree that we are on a verge of technology and with this rate of advancement those days aren’t far when we will be able to travel amongst planets or maybe stars.

NASA plans to colonize mars by 2030 and these colonies will be independent from earth, means that once the people who are going to populate these colonies take off from earth they are never coming back.

Since we are already travelling amongst planets in 2030s I doubt that we will not be able to travel amongst starts by 2200s.

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19th of century

Why is the technology so advancing these days than it did in the past? You must be thinking this to yourself; well the answer is technology itself and most important part of it: education.

Since the invention of mechanical computer by Charles Babbage in 19th century and after him Alan Turing created the first electrically programmable computer and after them a series of scientists came and kept enhancing the computers and today in 2017 as I sit and write this article on my latest version Laptop, it is all because of those guys who helped in advancement of technology.

Education is the √ essential part of technology without it not such advancements would have been made that is why it is compulsory for all human beings.

Many universities have dedicated themselves to the field of technology only so that they can help in advancement of technology and as the era of information technology is here it is required for all the students studying in those universities to invent something in their final year projects something which has not yet been come to light for the people.

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These projects are assigned to the students by their professors who are already experts in the particular field while the students are studying subjects related to technology and trying their best to somehow enhance it.

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